Teen is a spirited advocate for learning history

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Making history come alive is the objective of the FOX 4 Reaching 4 Excellence Young Achiever of the Week. Meet a very confident and resourceful teenager who stepped up in a big way when history needed a boost.

"I really love history," said FOX 4 Young Achiever Hollee Lynch. "And I love seeing it come alive for those who think it's kind of just a boring subject."

Hollee admits she once was one of those people who thought history was boring. Then her dad got her into re-enacting -- donning period costumes to portray characters from the Civil War era.

"I love dressing up and getting out there and being a different person," said Hollee.

That led Hollee to the Shoal Creek 19th Century Living History Museum to play the school marm for visitors and to become a very active volunteer worker all over the park that's filled with vintage buildings and artifacts.

"Oh, Hollee! We love Hollee," said Shoal Creek Association president Martha Edmunds. "Just a real go-getter. She's very family oriented. I love that about her. And she sees things from start to finish."

"I help portray history in a way that's easy and understandable for everyone who comes," said Hollee. "And just seeing the joy in their eyes, knowing that we can show how life was."

Hollee describes herself as determined and tenacious, someone who sets high goals for herself and isn't afraid to take on important and big new projects and challenges. She certainly did that here at the museum this spring.

"Oh, the Kids Spring Jamboree!" said Hollee with a big grin.

When Shoal Creek museum leaders decided to put on that big first-ever family event, Hollee volunteered to chair it, even though she'd never done anything like that before and she hadn't even turned 17 yet.

"And Hollee just raised her hand up," said Edmunds with a laugh. "And we all were like, 'OK, she can do this.' We all had confidence in her."

Hollee came through like the champion she is. With some guidance from adult mentors, Hollee got things organized, ran meetings, kept everyone on task, did budgeting, went shopping and just generally took charge. And 470 visitors had a terrific time.

"She did fantastic!" said Edmunds. "We were so proud of her!"

"And I had a lot of comments afterwards and compliments stating this was about the funnest place ever!" said Hollee. And fun for a high school girl who makes history come alive.

Hollee, who will start her senior year at William Chrisman High School in Independence next month, is a dedicated charity and community volunteer in several other ways, too. On her own and through the Association for Chrisman Excellence (ACE) club, she's done service for groups like Harvesters and Project Shine and she has a job this summer at the Salvation Army youth camp in Independence.

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