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PITTSBURGH, Pa. – A Pittsburgh family is telling their troubling story about living life inside of a demon possessed house in a new book.

The evil entity said to have lived inside of the house has been deemed the “Demon of Brownsville Road.” The Cranmer family who bought the historic structure years ago for a quickly accepted low-ball offer, says the strange and sometimes nightmarish issues they encountered inside the house at first were small, but then later became so intense the family’s everyday lives began to be severely affected by them.

According to FOX 4’s sister station, FOX 8 in Cleveland, the Cranmer’s decided to publish the book about their experiences in hopes they could prevent other families from having to go through what they did while battling with a demon.

The mother of the family, as well as her two children, spent time in psychiatric facilities due to some of the things they experienced while living in the house. “Bleeding walls” and “broken metal crosses” were among just a few incidents the family claims occurred.

In a sit down interview with FOX 8, Adam Blai, a former skeptic turned expert demonologist and advisor to the Roman Catholic Church on performing and training priests in exorcism, candidly answered questions about ghosts, demons and exorcism; all of which he says are very real.

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