Eighth grader arrested for wearing NRA T-shirt to school

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Eighth grader Jared Marcum was arrested for wearing an NRA T-shirt to his middle school in West Virginia. His father said he had to rush from work to pick his son up from jail. Jared and his father said he was practicing his first-amendment rights when he refused to take his shirt off.

“I never thought it would go this far,” Jared said. “Honestly, I don’t see a problem with this. There shouldn’t be a problem with this.”

His father agrees.

“I don’t see how anyone would have a issue with the image of a hunting rifle and ‘NRA’ put on the front of a T-shirt, especially when policy doesn’t forbid it,” said Allen Lardieri, father.

FOX 13 reporter Charlo Green confirmed Lardieri’s statement. No where in the school policy does it say gun images are banned. Green said she reached out to Logan Middle School but did not hear back.

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