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SHAWNEE, Kan.  — People in a Shawnee strip mall had an alarming afternoon, after hearing a gun shot in a store next door. Police say an employee shot his gun inside a Boost Mobile store, accidentally shooting himself.

Jeff Montgomery was bartending next door when he heard a loud noise.

“Just sounded like a banging on the wall next door,” he recalled.

But police say just one wall separated him and a man who accidentally pulled the trigger. Investigators say the man was working inside Boost Mobile when he accidentally shot himself in the leg. People nearby say there were a few people inside the store at the time.

“It’s kind of scary,” customer Cella Johnston said.

“Next thing I know the fire truck and ambulance were out front,” Montgomery said.

People watched as the man was taken away in a stretcher. No one else was injured, but it left everyone asking questions.

“My first reaction is what was the guy doing with the gun if he wasn’t going to do anything with it? Why was it in his hand? How did he shoot himself if he wasn’t intending to pull the trigger?” Johnston said.

People at businesses nearby say they’ve never seen a Boost Mobile employee carrying a gun. It is legal in Kansas to carry one and as of July the gun doesn’t even need to be concealed.

Employees say they are aware of the law, they just hope people will be a bit more careful so they don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen next door.

“If you have a license to carry a gun I hope that you’re safe with it and aware of your surroundings,” Johnston said.

The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A lot of nearby employees told Fox 4’s Megan Brilley they saw someone get arrested inside Boost Mobile shortly after the accidental shooting, but police say that was an unrelated incident.