Energy efficient light bulbs available at Harvesters to help families lower their energy bills


Lightbulbs distribution

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KCP&L and Harvesters are partnering for the third time to distribute nearly 40,000 energy-efficient, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to low-income families served by Harvesters network of nonprofit agencies.

KCP&L dropped off the bulbs to Harvesters and they will be available to families who rely on Harvesters and other nonprofit agencies for assistance as they struggle to meet their basic needs, including utilities and food.

Harvesters distributed the bulbs to 40 nonprofit agencies, including the Salvation Army.

“Technology providing is changing so dramatically and quickly these days. We have a light meter that helps them understand the energy usage of a CFL vs. a normal incandescent bulb. You can save about 75 percent of the energy with a CFL and so it’s really good to see their faces and help have part of the education piece of this, too,” said Brian File, KCP&L.

Harvesters and KCP&L say that distributing these bulbs will help families stretch limited resources to meet other needs.

“Lightbulbs go out easily in my home so anything that will help me as a consumer will also help me save money. Because when I buy lightbulbs at the store, they’re not very good and I’m constantly replacing lightbulbs in my home,” said Caroline Allen, customer.

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