5 most anticipated movies of 2021: FOX4’s The Screening Room


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Last year at this time, FOX4 film critic Shawn Edwards revealed the five most anticipated movies of 2020. A year later, most of those movies never even got released.

As the pandemic struck the world, the movie industry reeled. Theaters closed and movie releases were held or sent to online streaming. Now, as hope grows with the number of vaccinations, several companies have provided tentative release dates for big-name titles.

Here’s Shawn Edwards’ list of most anticipated films set to release in 2021. Some of these were originally on last year’s list.

1. Top Gun: Maverick

July 2: Paramount Pictures

Top Gun is a massive franchise with a global following. This was one of the first films to get pushed back during the pandemic, and Paramount is still staying on the conservative side of releases, opting for mid-summer.

Starring Tom Cruise, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Connelly, and many more big names, this film will surly draw a big crowd, if crowds are allowed by July.

2. F9

May 28Universal

F9 is the next movie in The Fast and the Furious series, which has proven over and over that people love fast cars, high-intensity action and exotic locations.

The billion-dollar, global franchise wants to hold this movie for theatrical release, though they plan to show in theaters as early as May 28. Universal is also a part of NBC’s Peacock streaming service, which could provide an alternate route should circumstances prevent showings in theaters.

3. Black Widow

May 7 – Disney/Marvel

Marvel fans have long awaited the full film dedicated to the Avengers’ longest-known heroine, Black Widow. The character first showed up in Iron Man 2, released 10 years ago in 2010.

Scarlett Johansson plays a smooth assassin-turned-hero, who became integral in the backbone of Marvel’s superhero franchise. Originally set to release in 2020, the big hero fan base will no doubt jump at the chance to finally see this anticipated movie.

4. No Time To Die

April 2 – MGM

James Bond is perhaps the most well-known fictional special agent with two dozen movies spanning multiple decades and generations. Now, MGM is set to release the fifth movie in the franchise.

“No Time To Die” will also be Daniel Craig’s last run as Bond. Fans of Craig and the internationally-known character will no doubt flock to see the movie, but an early release date at the beginning of April means the release could be subject to change.

5. Coming 2 America

March 5 – Amazon Prime Video

“Coming 2 America” is the only movie on this list that will for sure release on schedule. That’s because Paramount sold it to Amazon Prime Video for $125 million, so it will only be streamed. There is no theatrical release date.

Eddie Murphy stars in this sequel, a follow-up to the original “Coming To America” in 1988.



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