‘American Sniper’ is making millions, but audiences can’t get over the fake baby

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LOS ANGELES — Six-time Oscar nominated movie “American Sniper” has earned more than $134 million worldwide, but it isn’t without critics, and especially over one movie scene in particular.

Some in the audience were so bothered by the use of a fake baby in the scene in which star Bradley Cooper holds his baby for the first time.

Looking closely, it’s pretty obvious that the baby is not real and, as often happens on social media, commenters have bashed the cheaper and inauthentic role-casting.

Executive producer Jason Hall replied in a tweet, which has since been deleted, that the real baby showed up with a fever, and the backup baby didn’t show up at all. So, a doll was used.

Producers point out that there are strict rules about having children on movie sets.  The Hollywood Reporter says children must be at least 15 days old. They are also restricted to minimal hours of work.




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