App Extra: Two Useful Apps and a Great Local Blog

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s not quite “App of the Week,” but I wanted to give an honorable mention to some local folks who are doing crazy-cool things with apps and the Interwebs these days.

First off is, a blog that describes itself as:

A continuously updated stream of consumer goods, art, gear, tech, fashion, bits from the web and whatever else that qualifies as awesome.

The posts specialize in quirky stuff that just looks really… really… really cool. First post on there today is about a refillable/rechargeable hand warmer made by Zippo; I instantly clicked on the link to see how much it was. It’s a must-add to your list of sites to visit every day.

Secondly, there’s AutoCorrect Switch by Overland Park-based Innovating Solutions. It helps correct the times your autocorrect is incorrect (like, for example, when your phone replaces “would you like to go out for pizza” with “would you like to go out for pinky”). Instead of going to your phone’s settings to turn it on and off, this app will let you switch it on and off as you need it, then text/tweet whatever you write. I’ll be honest, I don’t run into enough headaches with autocorrect to make it worthwhile for my phone, but I know there are folks who simply hate the feature and want a happy medium between “always on” and “always off.”

Finally, the folks at the Overland Park Convention and Visitors Bureau not only have an app, but they’re giving away an iPad 2 within it. The deadline to enter for the iPad is Saturday, but, of course, you can use the app anytime you’d like to explore the city. It’s a useful app for your friends that are just visiting town, or folks who live across the state line (like me) who don’t get to explore the OP all that often.

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