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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Musician Ben Folds grew up surrounded by people of different social classes.

“It was formative. I felt it was access,” Folds said of his childhood growing up. “We don’t all have access to as many slices of the socio-economic strata that I happened to have. I don’t think that, at the time, I would consider it an asset… but to look back on it, I believe, it gives you more of a sense of observation.”

Picture of Ben Folds
Photo courtesy of Ben Folds

Folds recently released his new memoir, “A Dream About Lightning Bugs: A Life of Music and Cheap Lessons.” In it, he writes stories of his childhood and growing up in North Carolina before starting the iconic, piano-rock band, Ben Folds Five, in the 90’s.

While much of the book is about Folds’ life, he also includes a section to thank the music teachers he had when growing up. He also talks about his year of mentorship while in college.

“There’s no better way of learning than mentorship,” Folds said. “There’s no book in the world, no class in the world [better] than to have someone sitting with you and recognizing what you’re saying and passing personal stories. What changed in me? I was a better musician.”

Folds continues to travel the country and play his music live at theaters across the country, collaborating with musicians on several artistic projects. Some of his collaborations have included work with Sara Bareilles, Bruce Hornsby and William Shatner.

Hear more from our conversation with Folds above, and to find out where you can see him live click here. You can also buy a copy of Folds’ book by clicking here.

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