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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Singer-songwriter Brook Blanche has an incredibly unique voice and song-writing style. Blanche uses his life-experiences and thoughts to create deep lyrics that stir emotions out of listeners.

“These are lyrics I wrote when I felt (those emotions) and I should genuinely express that every time,” Blanche said. “If it feels put on, I’m not trying to do that.”

Blanche’s voice only adds to the unique sounds. He has a wide range that can shake a room when he sings low and express sweetness when he reaches toward the top of the scales.

Blanche said he started singing at a young age and further developed his sound as he grew older.

Brook Blanche – photo provided by Brook Blanche – 5/8/19

“I can’t remember not singing,” Blanche said. “Growing up in the church, you’re just going to sing. Everyone in the family sings. On road trips we sing. That’s how I learned harmony.”

Blanche spends a lot of time alone when he writes songs and tours the U.S., and that sometimes has had an effect on personal relationships. Blanch said being a musician, touring, and being a difficult person are all factors in the demise of some relationships, but he’s able to use those experience emotions in his music.

“I feel like I usually write love songs when I’m single,” Blanche said. “I think writing a love song or breakup song when you’re in a relationship could be a hassle. There have been questions, but they’re about every relationship, and every experience.”

Blanche has hundreds of songs, some that were written in minutes, and others that took years to write. He also has pieces of songs he’s holding on to in case he decides to revisit the lyrics or chords with a later song.

“I have piles of lyrics,” Blanche said. “I’ve dug in before. I wrote a song called ‘Empty Bottle’ that had two or three lines in it, and it was two or three years later I was playing guitar and thought, ‘I have something that will work in the cigar box,’ and it was right there.”

As Blanche continues to evolve as a musician, some of those songs become outdated, or he doesn’t feel like playing them anymore. He’s constantly adding to his repertoire, and said it’s about time to get back into the studio to record more.

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