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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Calvin Arsenia is arguably one of the most unique acts you might encounter.

His music is mystifying, his act is dazzling, and he guides you seamlessly through his stories guided with the sound of glitter. The Olathe, Kansas, native has a world sound, and carries his harp around the globe to share his gifts with mystified audiences.

“For me the harp is a form of protection and it’s a form of elevation,” Arsenia said. “It’s something that in unconventional and a little bit more than it ought to be.”

It’s easy to get trapped in the mindset of thinking about the harp as a part of his sound, but there is so much more about the artist.

Arsenia has a unique background, and was a world traveler, before he began playing music on the scale he is now. He spent time in Scotland where his life changed forever, and he became the person he is today.

“Before Scotland I was very shy, I was very sweet, and I was afraid to vocalize any kind of opinions that could be disagreed with,” Arsenia remembered. “When I went to Scotland I realized that people and audience are much less concerned about the perfection of your technique, and more about your heart, your story, and vulnerability.”

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