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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Finding fans can be difficult, but it’s a little easier in the modern-music scene, especially if you’ve created multiple viral videos.

“I was on vacation with my family in Minnesota, and they saw my cover of ‘Jolene,’” Casi Joy said about her experience of getting on the NBC hit-show The Voice. “(They) called me and asked if I could fly out to LAX in two days. So I got to skip the cattle call.”

For Casi, the past few years have been filled with experiences that many musicians only wish they could say they’ve done. She’s played in front of millions of people on national television and received one-on-one mentoring from musicians Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan.

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“The whole coaching experience was awesome,” Casi said. “I’m an independent artist, my team is myself and my husband and the rest of my family and friends just helping out when they can. To be coached from an outsider’s experience, and from somebody who is successful, I’m going to take every word of advice he gives me.”

Before Casi’s time on The Voice, she spent years working toward a career in music. After starting to sing and perform around the age of five, Casi’s life was filled with hard work and opportunities that helped shape who she is today as a musician and person. She performed in a Radio Disney pop band, performed in rock bands and even taught at one of the most famous schools of rock in the new country.

After the end of her run on The Voice, she began a budding career by releasing several albums including her newest one, called “The Bright Side” EP. The new EP is filled with songs about looking at the positive things in life, even when it’s something serious like the death of a child.

“Macklyn was one of my biggest fans and she was five years old,” Casi said. “(She was) known by the whole community, and was this bright light. She was unfortunately killed in a car accident. I wrote her this song… so her friends could hear her voice, her name, and her legacy in a song, instead of hearing her name and being sad.”

Casi currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, but is still touring the country spreading her positive message and playing songs for fans both young and old. To learn more about Casi, her life, and music, listen to the full episode of Crazeology featuring Casi Joy.

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