Crazeology Christmas playlist: Here are some favorites by our guest artists


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Christmas music. Whether it’s strictly after Thanksgiving or a year-round affair, most can agree there’s something special about this unique genre.

“There’s no other holiday that has inspired music like Christmas has,” singer and pop artist Mackenzie Nicole said.

Hear more from Mackenzie Nicole and her music on Crazeology.

“The only other holiday would be Halloween with Halloween music, but Christmas is world-wide with the music,” music artist Kian Byrne said.

Listen to his award-winning Christmas song, “When I’m Gone,” here.

“And Christmas music is timeless,” jazz musician Blair Bryant added. “There’s songs from 1946 that are still being played today.”

Hear Blair Bryant and his music on Crazeology.

We asked Nicole, Byrne, Bryant and some of our other of our past guest artists to share some of their favorite Christmas tunes. You can check out our playlist in the Spotify player, embedded below, or find it on Spotify, here.

Hear from Nicole, Byrne and Bryant more on their selections in the video player above. You can also listen to the audio version, here, or wherever you get your podcasts, including Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.

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