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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Getting a lot of attention for your music, quickly and all at once, doesn’t come without some issues.

“One of the coolest opportunities for the band is a big placement on the radio right now, and they’ve been saying our name wrong,” Alex Ward, of the band, Hembree, said.

The band has exploded across the music scene in the U.S., and opportunities have been flowing in. The band was featured in an Apple “HomePod” commercial, they played live at the legendary SXSW Festival, and the song “Culture” off the band’s 2019 album “House on Fire” has been climbing the alternative charts.

“I think I started writing the record at the end of 2015,” front man for Hembree Isaac Flynn said. “We started doing demos and tracking it, and there’s so many different versions of the same songs.”

Photo of the band Hembree
Photo from Hembree.

Having multiple versions of the same song allows for the band to be creative when it comes to playing live shows, and little variations of the same songs create a different experience each night.

The band members currently live in multiple cities across the country, and for them, it’s more than just a passion of playing music. Hembree is a sound they would listen to even if they weren’t in the band.

“When Isaac started sending the demos that would eventually become this record, it was exactly the kind of music I would listen to,” Ward said. “It’s indie, rock, alternative, but it has some electronic elements, ambient sounds, and weird synth textures. That’s the stuff I’m drawn to already.”

You can hear the full interview with Ward and Flynn above, and click here to check out live tour dates, and to keep up with current news from the band.

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