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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Just about everyone in the world has dealt with some sort of issue involving mental health.

In more recent years, there’s also been a push for people to open up about their own struggles. That messaging has been making its way into media and into people’s homes and lives.

One medium where these issues have been emerging as hits has been in the music industry.

Colin Dieden left the band The Mowgli’s in May of 2019 to pursue a solo career under the name Little Hurt, and some of his releases talk about these mental health issues.

Picture of Little Hurt
Photo courtesy of KayKay Blaisdell via Colin Diedel.

“Everyone has their struggles with mental health,” Dieden said. “For some reason, people are just now being able to admit that to each other. Like, ‘Hey. I’m struggling. This sucks for me right now…’ I’m not an ambassador for mental health… I just need to talk about it.”

While Dieden’s lyrics contain a lot of depth, they also mix these themes with the bright pop-sounds that he brought with him from The Mowgli’s.

“I wrote those Mowgli’s songs, and I wrote this.” Dieden said. “It’s what my music sounds like… I wasn’t going to… create this fan base and then alienate them by coming out with a SoundCloud rap album.”

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