Crazeology: Olivia Fox [Podcast]


“I already know you’ll outgrow me.

To have you once is all I need.

To you I might be just a piece,

But you’re my everything.” -Lauren Flynn

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Before I tell you more about this line, I need to talk about the interviews we conduct for Crazeology.

We record the episodes at Signal Hill in Kansas City, Missouri, a week or two before we release them. I find the bands I want to record interviews with several different ways, but I didn’t randomly hear Lauren Flynn, Aubrey Callahan, and Tiffany Smith of Olivia Fox. I was introduced to their music by another producer.

Picture of OLIVIA FOX
Photo courtesy of OLIVIA FOX.

Their music is catchy, and it has a special quality that I can only describe it as “intimate.” However, it wasn’t until after we recorded our interview, and I sat down to write this, that something finally stuck me emotionally.

While I prepared for our interview, I overlooked a song we talked about extensively in the interview. It’s called “Earthquake,” and I’ll let Lauren tell you the story behind it:

“My husband and I have gone through years of infertility. ‘Earthquake’ is about singing to this baby that we’re hoping is going to come one day. With infertility, there is this [questioning] of if is it going to happen or not, and the not knowing is just as hard as the not having. If someone would have just told me it wasn’t going to happen for sure, I’d be like, ‘Ok. We can move on.’ It’s the not knowing, the hope, the let down every month, and [that makes] this roller coaster of emotion… I felt like it was important to share to help other people who might be going through the same thing, so they don’t feel alone.”

To write this article, I revisited this song now knowing the true story behind the lyrics, and the emotional outpouring of Flynn, Callahan, and Smith overwhelmed me to tears. The lyrics are honest, the melodies and harmonies are sweet, and the simplicity of everything creates an aura that surrounds you like warm blanket on a cold night. I can’t say for sure what hit me this time, but something did.

I need to say I have no experience with infertility. I’m not going to comment on the situation that plagues millions of Americans because it wouldn’t be honest. What I will say is knowing the true story, and hearing Lauren’s experience played out in music, was emotional for me. I can’t tell you why.

Maybe you’re struggling with infertility yourself, maybe you’re not. I can’t say you’ll have the same experience I did when I revisited this piece. What I can say is it’s a masterful display of songwriting that is worth your time to listen. You can hear the song in the podcast episode for yourself.

I’m also happy to say that Flynn and her husband are now parents to a beautiful baby boy.

Olivia Fox will be releasing their second album titled, “Carbon,” on Friday, August 23rd, 2019.

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