Crazeology: Ozamatli [Video Podcast]

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Most bands are lucky if they get to play together for five years, but close to 25 years after their creation, Ozomatli is still going strong.

“Were up there with bands we admired growing up,” Uli Bella said.

“We learned how to hate each other just enough,”Raul Pacheco added.

The two-time Grammy Award winning band has slowed down for touring over the past few years, but back in their prime, the band opened for the likes of Dave Matthews Band and Carlos Santana. They even performed for former U.S. President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Ozomatli picture
Picture courtesy of Ozomatli.

The band started as a way to bring awareness to political and cultural issues they believe in. They two said it’s sad that we are still talking about some of these issues years later.

“One of the things that’s stayed the same is immigration and how we deal with new immigrants,” Bella said. “How do we deal with forming the laws? Maybe making it more sane, or maybe not putting children in cages.”

Out of their activism the band turned into a world-traveling band, even becoming the first U.S. band to play in places like Nepal.

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