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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The musicians in Kansas City, Missouri-based Irish-rock band, The Elders, are at a crossroads.

“We have stopped touring, and we just needed to re-boot. The traveling was just crazy,” lead singer Ian Byrne said. “We’re not getting any younger. We have family commitments, grandkids coming up and we just wanted to spend more time at home.”

The Elders – Photo from The Elders, 5/7/19

The band was started in 1998 by six Americana and Celtic-rock music enthusiasts. Both Ian and his son, Kian Byrne, came into the mix after former members moved on to other things.

“I actually wasn’t interested in joining a band called The Elders,” Ian Byrnes said, “but I got talking to these lads… and through chance meetings, I ended up in the studio with Brent and Steve and Norm, and we sat around and played some stuff.”

Ian Byrne said the experience reignited a flame for his love of performing and playing music, and he’s been able to pass that on to Kian. Kian now plays multiple instruments with the band and is also starting a solo-career of his own, as well as other projects.

“I’ve loved all the festivals, all the people we got to see traveling and everyone around the states that have helped us,” Kian said. “I’m excited for more opportunities, even with The Elders. It’s not like we’re going anywhere.”

The band was headlining the biggest Irish festivals across the county and wanted to slow down before they faded into the memories of their fans.

As far is their future goes, they’re hopeful, even though they’re not playing live as much, that their fan base will continue to support them when they do play and if they continue to record.

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