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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There are two different types of concerts you can go see. There are exciting, rocking concerts where the visual elements are in your face and the spectacle is just as important as the music. There are also quiet, more intimate gigs, where the artist relies on the depth of the lyrics.

Nixa, Missouri-native Tyler Giles usually can be found often doing the latter. However, you might not expect it from the honky-tonk musical environment he grew up in.

“County music was a driving force,” Giles said. “Obviously, in a small town like that in Southern Missouri, I think it had a huge impact on me hearing a lot of musicians from the area.”

Giles may have been influenced by country growing up, but it doesn’t seem to fully encapsulate the sound that he has created for himself. His lyrics are deep and emotional. He has a way of making you feel like he’s written about your life, not his.

Tyler Giles picture
Picture courtesy of Tyler Giles.

“I feel like when I sing my songs, I’m always able to tap into the emotion of it, the physical feeling in my chest or my stomach,” Giles said. “I remember how I felt when I wrote the song, and I think you can empathize with someone else and apply what they’re going through with your own wrenching of the gut that you felt.”

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