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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Put on ice by COVID for two straight years, Disney on Ice is back, with no COVID protocols in place at T-Mobile Center.

Performers are jumping for joy to be back after an outbreak of COVID among performers forced them to cancel shows.

Mickey’s Search Party is bringing the magic on ice and in the air.

“We have freestyle skaters all the way from France, and they do some amazing high-flying tricks with the ramps, which you’ll see at the end of the show,” Co-Host Alexander Allen said.” “And we also have hover boards on this show as well.”

“We’ve got the aerialists; we’ve got acrobats who are doing flips,” Co-Host Isabella Newhuis said.

They’re joined by several familiar characters.

“Woody, Jesse, Buzz, Bo Peep,” Newhuis said.

These performers play out the timeless classics from “The Little Mermaid” to Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Plus, the newer ones, like characters from “Frozen,” “Moana,” and “Coco.”

“I love to see all the kids with their eyes sparkling in the audience,” Newhuis said. “Getting to blow a kiss to them, it always makes their day.”

Training for Disney on Ice is intense. They put in 13-hour days, practicing jumps, spins and footwork.

“I want them to be inspired,” Allen said. “I want them to feel what we feel when we’re on the ice.”

Allen said the climb back to performing live following COVID outbreaks feels like a revival.

“Being able to come back here to Kansas City, kind of making it full circle, being able to do what we love to do after not being able to for nearly two years, is an amazing experience,” Allen said. “It’s like you reawaken that dormant side of you that you thought was going to be lost for longer period of time.”

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