KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The final stop of the Renaissance World Tour is here, and the queen, Beyoncé, has arrived.  

After months of waiting and lots of anticipation, the show has touched down in Arrowhead. 

Beyoncé’s world tour is expected to bring in over a billion dollars and the finale is right here in our backyard.

“We’re coming to see the queen, so you got to be bedazzled, but we had to. This is the last show,” one fan said.

“It’s a celebration. This woman is amazing. She is beyond art. She is ‘fantabulous,’” another fan said.

But it didn’t come without a little waiting and bumper-to-bumper traffic. The gates didn’t open until after 6 p.m., creating a nightmare scenario.

“We walked the freeway. The traffic was horrendous. We walked the interstate to get here. We love you Beyoncé. We’re here, we’re ready,” one fan, who traveled in from Houston to see the show, said.

Fans stuck in traffic for more than an hour after the concert start time, but of course the queen didn’t take the stage that early.

Arguably the greatest performer of our generation is ending her world tour—right here—in the Heart of America, and that certainly brought people from everywhere: Colorado, Wisconsin and New York, just to name a few.  

Along with bringing people from everywhere, this tour has recorded some of the top-grossing records of all time.

“When you have a concert that’s the last stop of the tour, you definitely see an increase in demand, and we’re seeing that as well,” Jeff Goodman, CEO of Ticket Smarter, said.

In the end, no matter how far fans traveled or if they had to walk to get here, the queen, Beyoncé, surely won’t disappoint.

“Beyoncé is very empowering. She is very dedicated to her craft. She’s hardworking. This is her final show. She has not missed not one performance. I admire a hard-working boss woman,” another fan said.