FOX4 Screening Room reviews Netflix’s Fatal Affair and Quibi’s Die Hart

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1) FATAL AFFAIR (Not rated)

Nia Long and Omar Epps are much too good for the predictable and overly familiar Netflix thriller, “Fatal Affair.” Long plays a married lawyer who becomes the unwilling object of obsession for the smart but psychologically disturbed Epps. There are moments you’ll undoubtedly say, “But wait. Would they really do that?” While shamefully derivative, the earnest performances from Long and Epps make “Fatal Affair” a moderately tense little time waster. Search the words “Fatal” and “Affair” and you’re likely to find a lot of better movies that cover the same territory.

RUSS: 2 Popcorn Bags

Both Nia Long and Omar Epps are iconic actors who have been in the biz for more than three decades. Both have solid resumes — Long burst on the scene in Boyz in the Hood and Who can forget Epps opposite 2Pac in Juice. So both are forgiven for Fatal Affair. A completely idiotic but somewhat watchable stalker movie that has more pot holes than that De La Soul’s 1989 hit song. No, it isn’t very original but we are four months into a pandemic — the Covid grading curve is real. Too bad nothing about this movie is…

SHAWN: 2 Popcorn Bags

2) DIE HART (Not rated)

So Kevin Hart wants to be an action star? Well he succeeds. Using the new mobile platform Quibi, Hart delivers a funny and action pact comedy that’s both exciting and entertaining. The trick is you watch it in 8-minute increments — so it’s like watching a series of mini-movies. Kevin Hart has never been better or more focused. Also loved John Travolta who matches Hart’s comedic intensity. Die Hart is mostly a lot of fun and a great excuse to get lost on your phone.

RUSS: Did Not Screen
SHAWN: 4 Popcorn Bags



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