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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You may know him from any number of his impressions. From an angsty middle schooler to a basic pumpkin spice queen, Trey Kennedy can capture it all.

The Kansas City-based viral comedian is kicking off his first live tour to several sold-out shows this June, and he’s performing at the Uptown Theatre on Oct. 21.

“I’m in my basement still, but we’re getting out of the house, and we’re heading out to like 40 cities or something like that,” Kennedy said on FOX4.

He said the tour actually started more than a year ago on March 11, 2020. That night, the NBA suspended its 2020 season as the coronavirus spread in the U.S.

“So if you remember that day, that was a bad day to start a tour,” Kennedy said.

The comedian was born in Oklahoma, but he has lived in Kansas City for years. It’s where he makes most of his viral videos.

“I was a very shy kid. I never planned on doing any type of entertainment, but I was funny behind closed doors,” he said. “I’m a prime example of [how] social media allowed me to kind of discover that talent.”

Kennedy didn’t want to give away too much about his show, but he did say there would be never-before-seen video footage, some musical components and more.

“I think a lot of people have no idea what to expect from the internet guy on stage, so it’s kind of exciting,” he said.

Find information on shows and tickets on the Trey Kennedy website.