KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A hot sauce made in Kansas City, Kansas will once again be appearing on the popular YouTube talk show “Hot Ones.”

For nearly eight years, millions of viewers have watched as host Sean Evans interviews celebrities while eating 10 scorching hot wings.

Each season, old sauces are taken off the lineup and new ones are added in. Only one hot sauce has returned each time and will once again be returning for the show’s 20th season, “Da Bomb Beyond Insanity.”

The sauce, which is made at Spicin Foods in Kansas City, Kansas, isn’t particularly known for its taste, but more for the reaction it gets out of the celebrity.

In March of 2019 NBA player Shaquille O’Neal appeared on the show saying “Kansas City can’t make no hot sauce.” He apologized immediately after trying “Da Bomb.”

Kansas City native and actor Paul Rudd appeared on the show’s 10th season. His reaction after trying “Da Bomb” and being told it’s from Kansas City was, “Well, we also have Patrick Mahomes.”

“Oh that’s disgusting,” was Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s response after trying the sauce in just season two of the show back in 2016.

“I always say over my dead body when anyone talks about taking ‘Da Bomb’ out of the lineup,” Evans said when announcing the lineup for season 20. “But really it’s over your dead bodies. The fans have made it clear, ‘Da Bomb’ must stay.”