KC Rapper Mac Lethal Taking on Westboro Baptist Church

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro rapper is making waves and achieving instant internet fame, thanks to a new video in which he takes on the Westboro Baptist Church.

The new video, "Oh My God," by Mac Lethal (aka David McCleary Sheldon) takes aim at the Topeka-based church, which has gained international notoriety for its anti-gay protests at military funerals and other high-profile events.

"And dear God, whether you're Allah or Jesus, look down at this planet now, you need to see this," he raps in the song, which has had nearly a quarter of a million views on YouTube since its release on Tuesday. "You would never see me in the Westboro Baptist Church, and I'm the one that pays taxes first."

Mac Lethal, 31, says that he just wants to express his opinion about doing the right thing.

"They have the right to protest, but I would like for them to stop protesting against harmless people that are processing tragic events," he told FOX 4 on Thursday. In particular, it comes after word came out that the church would picket the funeral of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut.

A spokesperson for the church, Steve Drain, told FOX 4 that the rapper is mistaken about what Westboro is all about.

"We're only trying to do one thing," said Drain. "We're trying to let the world know what the Bible standard is, what God's standard is in this Earth."

In the song, Mac Lethal also takes aim at the media, criticizing the rush to get interviews from the young survivors of last week's shooting.

"I see news people interviewing 5 year old children not even 30 minutes after witnessing a killing," he raps in "Oh My God."

Mac Lethal says that he too has many critics, but that's not going to stop him from spreading his message.

"I want to encourage people to be more intelligent and be kinder to each other," he told FOX 4. "So anybody that's getting in the way of that, I would say watch out for Mac Lethal."

Mac Lethal will be performing "Oh My God," among other songs, at the Riot Room in Kansas City on Christmas night. Click here for more information.



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