HOLLYWOOD — ‘The Munsters’ have moved out of the ’60s and into the 21st century.

Earlier this week Universal Pictures and Rob Zombie, the filmmaker and musician behind such movies as “House of 1000 Corpses,” “Halloween,” (2007) and “The Devil’s Rejects,” released the first trailer of his upcoming “Munsters” adaptation and much of the public it seems isn’t sure what to think.

“I’m torn between wanting that Rob Zombie The Munsters trailer to be a deliberate fake he made to freak everyone out and wanting it to be totally really and just absolute trash,” Noah J. Nelson said, founder of No Proscenium.

“After watching the trailer for THE MUNSTERS again, I’ve decided that I’m very excited for the movie,” Film Critic Mike McGranaghan tweeted. “Good, bad, or somewhere in between, I’d much rather see a filmmaker take risks than just deliver some soulless piece of “product.”

“I’m both excited and terrified… not scared, terrified, Digital Producer Bill Shannon said. “It just looks like big dumb fun though and I’m here for it. Can’t wait to hit theaters and support Rob Zombie.

“Are we serious with that Munsters trailer? What the 90s straight to VHS is that thing?” Food and culture writer Marielle Songy tweeted.

“I don’t understand the heat for the Munsters movie trailer,” Patrick Scott Patterson tweeted. “Don’t act like the original was a well-crafted Breaking Bad-level show. Looks like it aims to be true to it.”

The movie trailer’s tag line is “From Rob Zombie comes the greatest love story ever told. Watch Herman and Lily take The Munsters from Transylvania to Hollywood.”

The trailer features Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie and Dan Roebuck — who portray Herman, Lily and Grandpa, and even recreating part of the opening from the ’60s TV show in front of the Munster family home.

Zombie had earlier indicated that his “Munsters” adaptation would be filming at least partially in Budapest, according to an Instagram post he shared several months ago. The production also built an “entire neighborhood” around the Munster family home, Zombie previously indicated.

The film is set to be released in September 2022.

Zombie has directed a number of horror films over the last two decades, including two entries in his own reboot of the “Halloween” franchise, released in 2007 and 2009. During his solo career as a musician, Zombie also had a top-10 hit Billboard hit with his 1998 song “Dragula,” itself inspired by one of the automobiles featured on “The Munsters” TV series.

You can watch the new trailer here.