KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Well, it may not be Wednesday, but “it’s October 3rd,” which means it’s National Mean Girls Day.

The cult classic movie came out almost 20 years ago this April, and we’re here to breakdown what makes the movie so fetch.

The movie gave fans a handful of memorable quotes like “You go, Glen Coco,” “She doesn’t even go here!” and “I’m not a regular mom; I’m a cool mom.”

Here are some other things FOX4’s Abby Eden and Pat McGonigle say make “Mean Girls” such a memorable movie:

  • One of Lindsay Lohan’s best performances
  • Close to a real representation of high school life
  • The Y2K fashion
  • Created by SNL star Tina Fey

Here are some ways you can celebrate National Mean Girls Day:

  • Wear pink (duh!)
  • Forget your all-carb diet, go to Taco Bell
  • Rewatch the movie
  • Create a positive “burn book”

Watch as the FOX4 Morning Show reminisces on 20 years of “Mean Girls” in the video player above.