‘Project Power’ star Jamie Foxx reveals his acting superpower to FOX4


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx is arguably this generation’s most versatile actor. He can be funny, deliver the dramatics, play crazy and bring real people to life with ease. 

The multi-talented actor has been pushing closer and closer to G.O.A.T. status for a while now. And yes, he more than deserves that title of being the greatest.

Foxx’s latest movie “Project Power” will debut on Netflix on Friday, August 14th. He stars as a former soldier who teams up with a teenager (Dominique Fishback) and cop in New Orleans to find the group responsible for creating a pill that gives its users temporary superpowers. You may recognize Fishback from her role in HBO series “The Deuce” or the criminally underrated film “The Hate U Give.”

FOX4’s Shawn Edwards spoke with both Fishback and Foxx about their work together on set.


Hey Jamie I will start with you first man. When it comes to acting, what is your superpower?


Fearlessness. I think a lot of times when people are acting it is fear that prevents them from getting to certain places. I actually played a character where I was very fearful. I had to play a Crip in the “Redemtion Story” about Tukey Williams. I had to do this in front of other real gang members. I had to not be intimidated by that moment. To me that was a part that really helped me to grow. Not to sound cliched but it was growth. I’m not afraid of anything now. I would say that the biggest part of us actors is not being afraid to go there.  


Dominique, I love your range. What was it like working with Foxx, who I consider the most versatile actor working in the biz today? He can do everything.


It was a dream come true. We hit it off from our very first chemistry test. Before my first time meeting him I to decide if I was going to be a fan girl or be professional. I was like, “which one are you going to do?” But I didn’t know that the scene for the chemistry test was going to be really emotional. So I had to decide to just focus on being emotional or just let myself go. And our cars pulled up into the parking lot at the same time and I was like Mr. Jamie Foxx! It happened just like that and we hugged and it was just so amazing to meet him.

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