Screening Room Movies at Home Edition: “Monsters University”

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Apparently Pixar hasn’t run out of magic quite yet. Their latest computer animated comedy, “Monsters University” is an entertaining prequel to the 2001 hit, “Monsters, Inc.” Billy Crystal and John Goodman return as Mike and Sully, as we share adventures from their college days studying the art and science of scaring.

Man you love Pixar like a super adult who can’t shake his high school crush. “Monsters University” is mediocre Pixar at best. Sure the animation looks cool and is brilliantly done but the story is luke warm hot.

There’s plenty of good-natured humor, charm and terrific voice work. Dame Helen Mirren adds some gravitas as the stern Dean Hardscrabble. The visuals are impressive, but the upgrade to 3-D is completely unnecessary. It’s no classic, but “Monsters University” more than makes the grade.

It’s not even close to being a classic. And only half as good as “Monster Inc.” Now the DVD packaging is impressive. There are a ton of extras all interesting and fun including a Scare Games game and music appreciation feature that shows you Randy Newman’s creative process. It’s the rare DVD release that features extras for the kids, adults and film geeks. But only on the Blu-ray version.

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