KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City is, in fact, bursting at the seams with events as a wide array of fan bases take over downtown this weekend.

“Everything happens today — Smackdown, St. Patrick’s, Comicon. Everything at once,” said Angeles Marine, waiting in line at Planet Comicon Kansas City.

Festive families in green watched the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day during the day, and some of those merrymakers collided with other high-spirit fans downtown.

Planet Comicon kicked off Friday afternoon at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City.

It’s one of those events where, like St. Patrick’s Day, what you wear is important. You see a lot of crossover, too, like Green Lanterns, Luigis and Riddlers.

And just down the road, WWE SmackDown! is slated to take over the T-Mobile Center.

Ahead of SmackDown, WWE star Sheamus, known as the Celtic Warrior, held a fan meet-and-greet at a Cricket Wireless location.

Fans said it couldn’t be more appropriate to see him on St. Patrick’s Day.

“I never get tired of seeing someone get kicked in the face, I guess. It’s very entertaining. I like the physical aspect of it. I’ve just been watching it my whole life,” wrestling fan Derek Parker said.

“Of course, actually being here in Kansas City, there’s so many Irish people, people of Irish descent here,” Sheamus said. “So it’s crazy. I didn’t realize how many Irish descendants there were here in the Midwest.”

“I was blown away by downtown Kansas City. It’s an awesome area, like loads of stuff to do,” Sheamus said.

Planet Comicon Kansas City was already drawing huge crowds, packing Bartle Hall, as St. Patrick’s Day festivities carried on Friday afternoon.

“All my other friends are out at the parade, and I’m here. So I wanted to make sure I was repping with the green. So I donned this ballgown that I made,” said Erin Hrenchir, working a booth for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

“It’s inspired by a Luna Moth, is kind of the concept with the long trails on the sleeves. And I have this Luna Moth pouch,” Hrenchir said.

Others didn’t have the holiday on their radar.

“I’m helping out colorblind people. I honestly forgot it was St. Patrick’s Day also,” said Leta Davis, cosplaying as Grelle from the anime Black Butler. The costume included a lot of red.

Honoring Blue Demon, the famous Mexican luchador, Jose Malacara was also visiting the con.

And it truly was a day where everyone was a fashion critic.

“Look at the pants there. Look! Look at the pants on him,” Sheamus said, pointing at FOX4’s Jacob Kittilstad.

“Look! And the brown boots. You’ve got the color coordination down. It’s just that blue jacket you’re wearing is throwing everything off. I’m sure when the time comes, you clock off, you give it a go and change into something different,” Sheamus said.

Add on to this that March Madness is ongoing, so Kansas City- area sports bars are also likely going to be packed with fans alongside St. Patrick’s Day patrons.