Shawn names his ‘Worst Movies of 2014′

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Shawn lists his worst movies of 2014:

Here we go with a look at the worst of the worst in 2014. I watch a lot of movies each year and most are -- just average. But a few really stink it up and here are the worst five this year.

5. Horrible Bosses
(R) Warner Bros.
At number five is "Horrible Bosses 2." Loved the first movie. It was actually funny. But "Horrible Bosses 2" did a 180. Not funny. Not entertaining. Nothing but wasted stupidity.

4. The Giver
(PG-13) The Weinstein Co.
Number four is "The Hunger Game" wannabe "The Giver." Based on a terrific novel "The Giver" was about as poorly executed as any movie in recent memory. It's so bad they should make the movie disappear and give the author her rights back.

3. Dumb and Dumber 2
(R) Universal
Number three is "Dumb and Dumber 2." Words can't begin to describe how desperate Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels looked in this awful nihilistic comedy. So unfunny it was painful. Wanted to walk out. Couldn't. So mentally checked out before damage to my brain occurred.

2. Tammy
(R) Warner Bros.
Got "Tammy" checking in at number two. Melissa McCarthy just isn't funny. Been doing the same routine since "Braidsmaids." Written by her husband "Tammy" falters from beginning to end. Blame the writing on her spouse. Blame the bad acting on her.

1. Blended
(PG-13) Warner Bros.
And the worst movie of the yer is "Blended." I have been saying that Adam Sandler has been making bad movies for years. Even the studio that releases most of his movies has been saying the same thing. How do we know? Saw the hacked Sony e-mails that said so. Oops! But "Blended" is one of his worst. And thankfully not a Sony movie. Stereotypical, misogynistic, racist, juvenile and just plain bad. Adam Sandler please grow up!

That's it. The five most horrible movies of 2014. Yuk!

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