The Dubliner: A Charmed Restaurant

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The Dubliner has big shoes to fill! It is the latest restaurant to open in the Power & Light District. It is replacing Raglan Road. It has a prime location across from the Sprint Center at 14th & Grand. And just like Raglan Road, it is serving up Irish fare.  Raglan Road was one of the first restaurants to open in P&L. But, it never seemed to be that busy. When it closed last year, I was crushed! I thought it had the best shepherd’s pie ever. But, I may have to rethink that! After eating at The Dubliner, I’m now asking, “Raglan what??”

The Dubliner is opening just in time for the Big 12 tournament. It’s owned by KC Hopps.  That’s the same company that runs 810 Zone, The Blue Moose, 75th Street Brewery, and more. And, this restaurant is definitely a worthy addition to that portfolio. The restaurant still looks the same as it did when Raglan Road occupied the space. My partner and I tried to see if we could notice any changes to the appearance, but we couldn’t. That’s probably a good thing since the restaurant is the probably the most authentic-looking Irish restaurant I’ve ever been to.

The menu is a little limited right now. The restaurant expects to roll out its full menu in the first week of April. So, while there aren’t a lot of choices right now, the menu still manages to hit the right notes with the type of food you’d expect to find at an Irish pub. You can find corned beef & cabbage, fish & chips, bangers & mash, and Irish stew. For starters, we had pub chips with a blue cheese sauce. The blue cheese sauce was delectable! We had to order a second helping of that sauce for our chips. This dish is probably best for a large crowd. The portion size is really big! For my main course, I decided to order my favorite Irish dish…shepherd’s pie. The shepherd’s pie is out of this world, and absolutely bursting with flavor!  It is served in a fairly large bowl. It has ground beef, that’s been slowly stewed with red wine, carrots, onions and green peas.  It’s topped with mashed potatoes, as well as cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses. I think it’s the red wine that really sets the sauce off.  It definitely has a nice kick! And, the mashed potatoes were most certainly not instant.  I could taste the chunks of potatoes. That is just how I like them! My partner got the corned beef & cabbage. He was also pleased with his dish. I tried a bite and was most impressed with the mustard cream sauce.

Considering the fact that we went to The Dubliner during a pre-opening lunch, it’s hard to know for sure how their service will hold up. But, our first experience there was wonderful.  Our waitress had actually tried most of the dishes on the menu, so she was able to give us her opinions on the food. At least two different managers came to our table to see how we were doing. I hope the service and attention to detail keeps up on our return visits.  Because without a doubt, we will go back to The Dubliner!

Prices:  $9-$15 for most dishes

Drinks:  Extensive selection of beers, plus martini & cocktail menu

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