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It seems like only yesterday I started watching ‘The X Factor’ and blogging about it. In fact, I remember the exact day ‘The X Factor’ started. It was a Wednesday in September, many months ago. That sounds like the beginning of an amazing novel. (Note to self: write novel and work movie rights into contract.) Back then, there were thousands of people trying out to be the first winner of the show. As of Thursday night, there were only three left. That’s what the voice over at the beginning of the finale said, at least. Then Steve Jones walked out on stage for the last time during season one wearing a really nice tuxedo. Then the judges walked out to Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” Nicole Scherzinger’s hair looked far better than the Swiss Cake Roll mess she was attempting the night before, though Paula Abdul looked like she was a sometime samurai and was probably going to the hibachi table after the show for a little flaming onion. How do they do that? The flaming onion trick at the hibachi is pretty incredible.

To start off the performances, all of the final 12 appeared on stage together again to do a rendition of Lady Gaga’s “The Edge Of Glory.” It’s amazing how in just two months, I’d forgotten about some of the acts. For instance, that group with ten kids, InTENsity? I’d forgotten all about them. The Stereo Hogzz? I’d forgotten about them, too! How quickly the brain allows us to forget things. Lakoda Rayne was looking quite put together as a group. And Drew Ryniewicz had a new hair color. She’s been off the show, what? Three weeks? And she already went from blonde to red? Perhaps she has a Disney show in the works that required her to change hair color. Then the final three walked out on stage and Melanie Amaro blew everyone out of the water. After seeing the 12 acts all perform together once again, it was obvious Melanie had the best voice. Would she win and save Christmas from being canceled? Only 100 minutes to wait!

In the first commercial break, there was some CRAZY Weight Watchers commercial where a heavy Jennifer Hudson sang with skinny Jennifer Hudson. It was crazy. They were singing the same song. I don’t know how they did it. I’ll have to investigate this more.

After the first break, all three remaining acts performed Christmas songs. First up was Melanie, who took on Mariah Carey’s seasonal favorite, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” I think it was the first time the whole season Melanie sang an upbeat song, and I really liked it. She needs to start doing like club anthems for me to get my dance on to. Her vocals were amazing during the song. She gave Mariah a run for her money. It was amazing. As Steve said, it was “fabulous stuff.” Then the judges got to comment on Melanie one last time. LA Reid told her her voice was “the best friend a song has ever met.” Nicole and Paula talked about how beautiful Melanie was and Simon Cowell told her she was “an absolute pleasure to work with.” Then there was a clip package of people meaningful in Melanie’s life giving her words of inspiration. Melanie burst into tears. It was a good package. Very good for a Christmas show.

With his Christmas song, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” Chris Rene was next. I wish he would have done some Christmas rap song. It would have suited him far better than a holiday ballad. Singing is just not his strong suit. Especially when it’s a song generally reserved for crooners. I’m sure there is some Christmas rap out there he could have found. Sigh. It’s just not the performance I wanted to remember Chris by. But what’s done is done. The judges really didn’t judge anything about the performance. They all just told Chris how great it was he was on the show and how much of an inspiration to other people he was. Then Chris got a meaningful people package from Santa Cruz, California. He cried when his son was on screen, so it was nice to see Chris get emotional.

Finishing up the Christmas round was Josh Krajcik. He sang his version of The Eagles’ “Bells Will Be Ringing.” His voice and performance were very soulfully done. However, there was some creepy woman in a snow globe spinning around Josh the whole time. It was kind of distracting. And how was she breathing in there? I hope there was an oxygen source. And how do I get a human snow globe? The judges once again had their say about Josh. Simon told him he was glad they had the over 30 category because you can’t “put a cap age on talent.” Nicole told Josh she “appreciated him.” That’s one of my least favorite things people ever say. “I appreciate you.” Why don’t you just kick me in the face, too. I’d appreciate that. Josh also got his meaningful people package from Wooster, Ohio. He made it through without crying until his daughter told him how much he meant to her. Then Josh asked Steve, “What is this liquid coming out of my eyes?” It’s called tears, Josh. Unless you have a cold. Then you need to see a doctor.

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