The X Factor’s Double Elimination Circus

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For the first time since the quadrouple elimination of the first live show, ‘The X Factor’ was set to eliminate two acts. Would it be a highly dramatic event or a highly expected elimination? It all depends on who you ask. However, before any eliminating take place, it was time for a performance from the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly came on stage and sang the latest single from her most recent album, ‘Stronger.’ I’m a big fan of the album; it really shows Kelly’s strengths. You might be familiar with the first single, “Mr. Know It All,” but the new song, “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger),” is even better. It’s kind of a driving disco song with Kelly’s soaring vocals on top of it. I loved hearing her perform it live, but I don’t think ‘The X Factor’ let her sing the whole song. Which was a complete shame. Always let Kelly sing. You may cut Clay Aiken and other Idols short, but never Kelly.

After Kelly, it was time for the standard recap of all the acts from the night before. This led into the Pepsi Choice Performance, which was a performance people on Facebook voted on. I always forgot to vote, so I’m not really clear as to what all the choices were. Regardless of the choices, the song performed by the remaining contestants was a mash-up of two of P!nk’s biggest hits, “Raise Your Glass” and “So What.” Both of those songs are good, so the whole thing was a case of so far, so good. Then we hit a snag with the theme. A circus and hip-hop theme? Really America? That’s why some Americans shouldn’t be allowed to vote. They do silly things like pick circus/hip-hop themes. Or they fail to vote for Chynna Phillips on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Despite the blaring problems with the theme selection, the whole thing was actually okay. Except why did everyone get a featured solo except Lakoda Rayne? That hardly seemed fair. Oh well. Sometimes life isn’t fair, and those girls just got a bad hand given to them.

Directly following the group performance, it was time for the first elimination. Steve Jones pulled Lakoda Rayne and Drew Ryniewicz to the front of the stage. He announced one would immediately go home and the other would be safe to perform the following week. Um. With those two, it was pretty obvious what was about to happen. Then Steve announced Lakoda Rayne received the lowest number of votes from the American public and would be leaving the show. I don’t think anyone was shocked by this. Steve told the girls that their dream was over. But one of them grabbed the mic and yelled about how they would stay together. Yeah, Lakoda Rayne. You’ll stay together. Except for that one girl with the boyfriend who never wanted to be in the group to begin with. She has probably already bolted and is working on becoming the next Pussycat Doll. So, Paula cried a little, everyone said goodbye to Lakoda Rayne and Drew was sent through to the next live show.

Then it was time for a break from eliminations. Bruno Mars was the next celebrity performance. He sang his new song, “It Will Rain.” It’s no “Grenade” or “Just The Way You Are” but it was still and okay song. Bruno Mars definitely has an amazing voice and is about as talented as they come. Sometimes, though, I’d like him to sing something a little more upbeat. Like a Pointer Sisters cover or something equally amazing. But no matter what Bruno sings, I know it will be good, so I can promote the song and not feel bad about it.

After that, Steve came back on stage and told us who would be safe and who was in danger. In a supposedly random order, it was announced that Chris Rene, Rachel Crow, Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro and Astro would be safe. Ugh. Astro. That left Marcus Canty and LeRoy Bell to battle it out for the judges.

Marcus went first and sang “You Lost Me,” originally performed by Christina Aguilera. What is it with this show and male artists singing Christina songs? Something about it just doesn’t make sense to me. But who am I to complain? Christina is making money, which she obviously needs. She has not been wearing pants as of late, and clearly needs funding for pants. Marcus sang the song all right, but it didn’t feel like he was connected to it emotionally. Christina did it better. However, Marcus sang, Christina made money and can now buy pants, so it all works out for a greater good.

Then it was time for LeRoy Bell to sing for survival. LeRoy and mentor Nicole Scherzinger decided it would be a good idea for him to sing “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles. The idea was definitely a good one. LeRoy connected with the song and sang it really well. I heard more passion in LeRoy’s voice than I ever had before. He was very much singing for survival. After hearing him sing, I thought LeRoy should stay because he fought for it more.

But, it wasn’t to be. When it came time for the judges to vote, they deadlocked. LA Reid and Simon Cowell voted to keep Marcus while Nicole and Paula Abdul thought LeRoy should stay. This meant it was time for ‘The X Factor’s’ first deadlock of the American series. A deadlock means that the judges lose their power and it’s up to America’s votes to decide who goes home. LeRoy received the lowest number of votes between Marcus and him. So sadly, it was time to bid LeRoy goodbye.

So that was the end of ‘The X Factor’s” Thanksgiving spectacular. But the double eliminations aren’t over. For another is coming next week. Even more to give thanks for!

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