These metro high schools are marching in the 2019 Champion of Champions competition

picture of snare drum in marching band

A snare drummer at Truman High School marches in formation.

KANSAS CITY METRO, Mo. — It takes a lot of time and dedication to put a marching band show on the field. Some bands start rehearsing in the summer before school starts. Some bands rehearse at 6:30 a.m. every morning before the sun is up.

Between 100-degree summer heat and 30-degree autumn mornings, high school band students weather it all to perfect their craft.

FOX4 is highlighting metro marching bands participating in Champion of Champions, a Missouri state-wide competition put on by the University of Missouri at Memorial Stadium. The event takes place today, Oct. 19. Here are the local bands that went.

Odessa High School Marching Band

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The Odessa Band of Distinction is proud to present "Maleficent, When Darkness Falls." Their show focuses on the fairy tale creature from Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, and her backstory. The story tells how Maleficent became such an angry evildoer.

This movement in particular is called "Racing Into the Night." In it, you can see the band members stream out of their starting positions like Maleficent's magical, thorny vines.

The Odessa marching band is directed by Derek Twombly.

Platte County High School Marching Band

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The Pride of Platte County takes the field with "Mother Nature's Lament." The show depicts how humans have impacted our planet, concluding with one final reminder that we should value and protect our planet because it is our one and only home.

This movement is called "I Am Mother Nature." In it, you hear the voice of the world saying it has existed for much longer than human kind, and that humans need her to survive. Electronic animal sound effects play in tandem with the band.

The Platte County band is directed by Jay Jones.

Truman High School

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The Patriot Marching Band is taking off with their show, "Above the Horizon," which portrays the emotional journey of flight.  It starts in turmoil and unrest as the band portrays early fight during the time period of the Wright Brothers.  From there, it explores the freedom and beauty of soaring above the world, incorporating a piece from the movie, "Up."

This movement, the last part of the show, depicts the adrenaline associated with turbulence and the excitement of the entire process, using the piece, "1000 Airplanes on the Roof," by Philip Glass. You can see the band making propellers that actually spin!

The Truman band is directed by Jeremy Meyer.

Waynesville High School

The Waynesville High School Marching Band also participated in Champion of Champions at the University of Missouri, according to MU Director of Athletic Bands Amy Knopps.

FOX4 tried to contact them multiple times, but the band leadership was not available.

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