KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Ticketless Taylor Swift fans hoping to create a memorable moment outside of Arrowhead Stadium during one of her upcoming concerts are out of luck.

A spokesperson for the Chiefs said standard event policies will be in place for the concerts on July 7 and 8.

The decision means only people with tickets to the concerts will be allowed to enter the Truman Sports Complex and its parking lots.

And yes, the Chiefs reserve the right to make fans show their concert tickets before allowing them through the parking gates.

The rules also say fans cannot stay in the parking lots or outside of the stadium after Swift takes the stage either night.

Hundreds of frustrated fans who weren’t able to get tickets have shown up outside stadiums in other cities. They enjoyed Swift’s concerts from parking lots with other fans in the same situation.

The Chiefs’ policies mean crowds will not be allowed to gather outside of Arrowhead Stadium.

Fans at Taylor Swift’s concerts in other cities also complained about long lines at restrooms. Some said they missed large parts of the concert while waiting.

As of now, Chiefs representatives said there are no plans to make changes to restrooms at Arrowhead for the concert.

A team rep did say they are in contact with other venues that have hosted Swift to see if any changes made helped with the fan experience.

Additional information about The Eras Tour can be found online at Chiefs.com.