Top 4 movies from Kansas City native Janelle Monáe


Kansas City, Kansas native Janelle Monáe has gone from dropping dope poetry and signing cool neo-soul songs at the Blue Room in the 18th and Vine Historic Jazz District to becoming an international superstar. Monáe can sing, dance and act, she’s a true triple threat.

The multiple-Grammy nominated singer-songwriter has excelled at acting lately. After starting her career with supporting roles in two movies, both nominated for Best Picture in the same year, she has gone on to become a leading actress in movies and on TV. This year she is the lead in the Amazon series “Homecoming” Season 2 and for the first time she’s a lead in a feature film, “Antebellum” streaming September 18th. 

4. Rio 2

In the lively and colorful animated feature sequel Janelle Monáe not only provides the voice of Dr. Monáe but she also contributed a song, “What Is Love.” 

#3 Moonlight 

“Moonlight” won Best Picture in 2017. A big reason why was Janelle Monáe’s grounded breakout performance. It was a performance grounded in realism and authenticity and just a glimpse of her talent as a thespian.

#2 Hidden Figures

Janelle Monáe joined forces with Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer and Oscar-nominee Taraji P. Henson to bring this little known story of three black NASA mathematicians to life. She portrays Mary Jackson, one of the brilliant minds that helped to launch astronaut John Glenn into space. 

#1 Harriet

Janelle Monáe wasn’t the title character in this triumphant biopic about the heroic woman that led more than a hundred slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad. However, Monáe added a powerful spark in her supporting role as Marie Buchanon.



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