KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had an eventful weekend off from the NFL schedule.

The football star celebrated helping the Chiefs to two wins in five days by making the most of a free Sunday with a trip to New York City with Taylor Swift, where the couple made an appearance on Saturday Night Live and were a part of multiple paparazzi sightings.

On the latest “New Heights” podcast, Kelce revealed before arriving at the SNL set that he didn’t even know he would make a cameo in the SNL season premiere.

“We showed up to ‘SNL’ having the idea of supporting Ice Spice. Her and Taylor are good friends,” Kelce said. “I’ve always wanted to meet Pete Davidson, been a fan of his since he was actually on ‘SNL.’”

Kelce appeared in a comedy skit that poked fun at the Swift craze, which has engulfed the NFL since Taylor Swift made her debut appearance during an NFL game at Arrowhead in September.

Kelce said he was so nervous that he “blacked out” and doesn’t remember what he said during the skit.

“As soon as they cued to me, the entire place erupted, which was very overwhelming, and I am not even sure if I said anything. I walked off and I said, ‘Did I say anything at all?’ They were like, ‘You killed it.’” Travis recounted.

Swift made a separate cameo when she introduced SNL’s musical act of the night, Ice Spice.

Although Kelce and Swift’s parts in the show were brief, their appearances after the show’s months-long absence only made it more polarizing.

They were seen later that night leaving the SNL afterparty, where TMZ was able to snap photos of the two hand-in-hand.

New Heights podcast staple “Intern Brandon” was talking about Kelce’s previous trip to host SNL, and jokingly talked about what a great hugger Travis is.

“He’s a hugger; he’s a door opener; he’s a (expletive) hand holder. He crushed it.” Intern Brandon said.

Travis also attended the Eagles vs. Jets game on Sunday and the Phillies game on Monday with brother Jason Kelce.