KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Taylor Swift shared a message on Instagram and Twitter to all of the Kansas City Swifties who attended her “The Eras Tour” shows at Arrowhead Stadium.

The star posted Monday afternoon praising Kansas City’s reaction to her re-recording of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” and all the events that took place at her shows with the release. The album was released July 7, the day of her first Kansas City show.

“It was a Speak Now (my version) album release party at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City this weekend, full of surprises,” the pop star wrote.

“I got to premiere the video for ‘I Can See You’ on the big screen and hearing the crowd’s reaction to it is something I’ll never forget.”

She and actor (and ex-boyfriend) Taylor Lautner starred in the music video along side actresses Joey King and Presley Cash. All three actors joined Swift on stage to greet Kansas City fans Friday night.

“(Joey King), Taylor Lautner and (Presley Cash) walked on stage (and there were even a few flips??) to say hi to everyone,” Swift wrote. “I got to play Long Live with my incredible band (who are the ones playing on all my re-records too) and it was just so unfathomably special to me.”

“Singing those words in a stadium full of people who helped me get my music back. Love you all.”

Friday night’s songs were “Never Grow Up (Taylor’s Version)” on guitar and “Emma Falls in Love (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)” on piano — both from her new rerecording of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).”

Then Saturday night, she performed “Last Kiss (Taylor’s Version)” — also from “Speak Now” and “Dorothea” from her album “evermore.”

Swifties came from far and wide this weekend for her Kansas City shows.

“So super pumped drove 25 hours to get here,” a young girl from New Hampshire said.

While Joanna Machado flew 16 hours on connecting flights from Hawaii.

“It’s so worth it, 70,000 people celebrating. Speak Now coming out today. Taylor Swift in Kansas City. It’s a great day,” she said.

Swift’s next tour stop will be in Denver, Colorado this weekend.