KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With the recent release of “Rings of Power,” Wishlisted used Google Trends to determine which states would be which characters from the Lord of the Rings universe.

The newest television series from the fantasy world of J. R. R. Tolkien is streaming on Amazon and has drawn both praise and criticism from fans.

The list shows which character was searched for the most in each state in a multi-round ranking system to find one for each state.

Kansans searched the most for the leader of the Riders of Rohan, Éomer. Missourians searched for the late-Third Age dwarf Bifur.

Just south of Kansas in Oklahoma, they searched the most for Frodo Baggins and out west in Utah, they searched the most for Gandalf.

AlabamaTom BombadilConnecticutBoromirIllinoisGoldberry
ArizonaQuickbeamFloridaArondirIowaDenethor II
ArkansasFaramirGeorgiaBard the BowmanKansasÉomer
CaliforniaGreat GoblinHawaiiAzogKentuckyCelebrimbor
ColoradoThe NazgulIdahoLegolasLouisianaBeorn
MaineTreebeardMissouriBifurNew MexicoMorgoth
MarylandMirielMontanaEowynNew YorkOin
Massachusetts BalinNebraskaThorin IINorth CarolinaAragorn
MichiganHurinNevadaHaldirNorth DakotaGimli
MinnesotaTheodenNew HampshireLuthienOhioElwing
MississippiSamwise GamgeeNew JerseyBerenOklahomaFrodo Baggins
OregonCelebornTexasMeriadoc BrandybuckWisconsinGloin
Rhode IslandMelian “the Maia”VermontBilbo BagginsWashington, D.C.Fili
South CarolinaGaladrielVirginiaIdril
South DakotaSarumanWashingtonElrond
TennesseeDwalinWest VirginiaRadagast

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