ER doctor warns fans of cold temperatures expected for AFC Championship game

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If you think Friday's ice storm was cold -- it's only going to get colder!

Sunday, Jan. 19, will be nearly ten degrees cooler than it was on Jan. 17. If you are headed to the AFC Championship game, doctors have some tips on how to stay warm.

Truman Medical Center's Dr. Tom Hindsley said, if you are going to tailgate, first make sure you watch out for each other.

"People who are at Arrowhead are probably going to be okay," Dr. Hindsley said. "People who are just there for the game. People who are tailgating and drinking for several hours beforehand, and then they go in and they're still drinking, alcohol lowers your ability to access risk. It lowers your ability to say hey, 'I'm getting cold. This is bad.'"

Hindsley also said layers are key.

"Wear something windproof because, if you're sitting in the wind, it's going to cool you out," Hindsley said. "You want an outer layer that's windproof, an inner layer that's warm and maybe another layer lower that will wick moisture away from you, so if you start to sweat, it keeps you from getting too wet."

He says those layers should be more than a jacket.

"Keep track of your ears and nose. Nose is, unless you're going to wear a face mask, it's really hard to keep your nose warm," Hindsley said. "Ears, you can usually cover with a hat. They sell Chiefs hats, so put one on and wear it."

So stay warm, cheer loud, and hopefully for many Chiefs fans their next game will be in a much warmer climate -- Super Bowl 54 in Miami.



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