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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Actor Eric Stonestreet and officers with the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department and Leavenworth, Kansas Police Department spent the day helping pass out ham to honor his late father, Vince Stonestreet, who died last month.

Stonestreet posted on his Instagram Wednesday that one of the many cool and generous things his father liked to do was randomly give people a ham around the holiday season.

“I reached out to Farmland Foods to see if maybe they would give us a deal on, or match a purchase of hams,” Stonestreet said. “Their response was ‘no but how about if we give you 600 hams!?’ Yes, 600!”

Stonestreet along with his family, KCKPD, the Police Athletic League KCK and Leavenworth police was able to gift 600 hams to people in Leavenworth, where his father’s business was and KCK, where his father was a life-long resident, according to Stonestreet.

“Thank you Farmland for helping us honor our dad this holiday season,” he said. “We know he got a good chuckle and smile out of peoples reactions to being given a random ham.”