Despite turkey drive changes, The Know Joey Foundation still wants to help families


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For more than a decade, the Know Joey Foundation has organized a turkey drive that takes place Thanksgiving week. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, things will look different this year.

“It’s going to look extremely different. This year our primary focus is we have to make this whole contactless event,” Know Joey founder Joey Thomas said.

Turkey Tuesday is a 24-hour campaign where Thomas’ organization collects frozen turkeys and non-perishable items, then gives them away.

This year the event will span more than one day. Also, turkey pick-up will be at three different locations: the 18th & Vine District, Second Baptist Church on 39th Street and United Believers Community Church in south Kansas City. Food pick-up will take place on Nov. 25.

“Driver will come up, either unlock their door or we’ll have someone come out and get the items, take it back inside. Or open the trunk and we’ll do the same thing,” Thomas said.

These changes come amid a growing number of COVID-19 cases in Missouri. State health officials say the Show Me State is seeing about 28,000 new cases per week.

Now Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas is urging folks to ditch their normal Thanksgiving plans.

Mayor Lucas said in letter to the Kansas City Star:

“I ask you to act in the best interest of not just yourself, but the entire community. This virus is spreading uncontrollably. In the spring, most COVID outbreaks were tied to a single event. Now uncontrolled spread in your community means the small outbreaks are happening daily in public and private interactions,” Lucas said.

Thomas agrees the community needs to work together to slow the virus spread. He said there are also many people in need.

“Because of COVID and post COVID, we do have families that are in even more of a desperate need for help, whether that be financially, resourcefully, through food, through nourishment,” Thomas said.

You must be registered to receive a turkey. You can sign up on The Know Joey Foundation’s website.



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