Evergy teams up with local charity to donate nearly 100 trees to Kansas City communities


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Money may not grow on trees but going green and planting trees could save you cash on future energy bills. That’s why Evergy teamed up with a local charity to donate dozens of trees to communities that can use the savings. 

Evergy partnered with Bridging the Gap to give out nearly 100 free shade trees. 

They’ll go outside 10 different low-income, multi-family properties in Kansas City, Missouri.

“We’re helping our customers save money, we’re helping save energy, we’re providing a better environment,” Evergy Project Manager Chris Delatorre said. “So, all of those things make me very proud to be a part of the team.”

Delatorre said three properly placed trees can save you $100- $250 a year.

In a multi-family building, trees that provide the right shade could eventually reduce your air condition bill by about 30% in the summer months. 

“It’s going to take years for these trees to grow and shade and so the trees that we’re planting today and giving away are for generations to come,” Heartland Tree Alliance Manager with Bridging the Gap Sarah Crowder said.

Her program’s goal is to plant seeds of knowledge about trees in the community and watch the benefits grow. 

“They provide community. They provide a place for people to spend time, to gather,” Crowder said. “Trees planted along the street reduces crime, it can slow traffic. It increases your property value, it helps with storm water run-off. It helps cool temperatures not just on your home but just in general.”

The Swamp White Oak, Tulip tree and Yellowwood may look smal. now, but they will grow to about 50 feet.

These are Missouri native trees and are OK to plant in soil across the metro.

Delatorre said the best place to put in a new tree is on the west side of a home. 

“If you plant up to around three trees that can make a big difference on your energy bill,” Delatorre said. 

Plant a tree, cut down on energy costs and leave a lasting legacy. 

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