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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new ad campaign in the Kansas City area is out to convince you that your body is “hot” in one very important way.

The Midwest Transplant Network wants to create some buzz about organ donation, so they’ve started a provocative and somewhat puzzling campaign, which includes a poster that says “Everyone’s Hot for My Body. No way would I keep it all to myself.”

The network’s new campaign has five local models which vary from young to middle-aged and elderly. The deeper message is that anyone 18 or older can join the donor registry.

“Whatever your age or your medical history may be, let the medical professionals determine at the time of your death if you would be an eligible donor. Don’t make that decision or rule yourself out just because you think you’re too old or not healthy enough,” said Brooke Connell.

“Hot for My Body” posters will be in driver’s license offices where most people sign up to be donors. But messages will also be on Facebook and Pandora.

The goal is boosting the number of people who register online, and Missourians and Kansans can do so at a new website called,

FOX 4’s unscientific sampling found mostly positive reactions.

“Body parts, you know, you gotta put it out there,” one man said about the campaign.

The “Everyone’s Hot for My Body” campaign does just that.

About 2,600 people in Missouri and Kansas are waiting for organ transplants. Close to a third of adults in Missouri and half in Kansas are not on the donor registry.