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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Investigators have shut the door on claims that murder suspect Ennice Ross Jr. was unarmed when he was killed by police. 

The man’s family has alleged that he was unarmed when police shot and killed him. They remain adamant that he did not fire at officers. They also claim that they never saw him with a gun that day. 

However, Missouri State Highway Patrol investigators told FOX4 that they have hard evidence showing the opposite

“100% of the truth is that there was a gun fire exchange between the suspect and the officers,” Sergeant Andrew Bell, spokesperson for the MSHP, said. “The suspect did shoot first, and those bullets, however many there are, at least one of them, we know for a fact, hit a police vehicle. It struck the spotlight of that police vehicle.”

Friday afternoon, Oct. 23, Kansas City police tried to make a felony traffic stop after an officer spotted Ennice Ross Jr. near Admiral and Tracy. Police said he was suspected in a homicide. 

They said Ross showed a gun and started shooting at officers. Officers shot back and killed him.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol now investigates all officer involved shootings in Kansas City. Officials said this investigation could take months to complete.

“All in the coming days, there’s a lot going on, but then in the coming weeks or even coming months, we are still going to be methodically going through everything,” Sgt. Bell said.

However, he said one thing is clear now — Ross did have a gun. 

“The investigators did recover a firearm. That is correct”

Bell said that, barring a setback, they will begin scheduling an autopsy and witness interviews next week.