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The ex-boyfriend of missing Belton teen Kara Kopetsky is under arrest again, charged with two counts of animal abuse, including smashing a kitten against a bathroom floor.

Kylr Yust, 22, who last week pleaded guilty to beating and choking his pregnant girlfriend, was arrested on Sunday in south Kansas City in connection to the animal abuse charges.

According to prosecutors, Yust allegedly smashed the head of a kitten against a bathroom floor on July 5, and then allegedly drowned two kittens in a bag in an area creek on July 20.

Kara Kopetsky disappeared in 2007. Yust has never been charged in her disappearance, but she and her mother, Rhonda Beckford, filed a restraining order against him shortly before she vanished. The order wasn’t officially granted until after she disappeared.

“She really didn’t know what to expect from him, what he would do next, and she was fearful of him,” said Rhonda Beckford.

Last week, Yust was placed on two years of probation after pleading guilty to abusing his 18-year-old current girlfriend. According to police reports, Yust allegedly told the teen that he could dispose of body parts in a pig pen on a family ranch. He also claimed he killed former girlfriends.

Parents and friends are still searching for Kopetsky. Her disappearance was featured Saturday, Sept. 10 on the show “Vanished” on the Lifetime network.