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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – When Jardine’s on the Plaza closed last weekend, the only warning people got was a note on the door.  The club’s employees say they were all fired, and now a former Jardine’s employee says that the co-owner of the popular jazz bar assaulted her on New Years Eve 2010.

She says she’s coming forward to help future employees of the bar.

Jardine’s is a place Jurgen Welge plays often.  He started there when the venue first opened, and he was supposed to play there last Friday night.

“I heard about an hour before that the club was closed,” Welge says.

A phone call from a member of his band tipped him off.

“We lost our gig,” he says.

A woman who asked to be called “Laura” used to work at the jazz restaurant.  On Wednesday morning, she filed a police report claiming the club’s co-owner, Beena Raja, assaulted her.

“She pulled me onto her lap and she started kissing me on the cheek and stroking my hair and telling me that she loved me,” “Laura” says.

“And so I said, ‘I love you too Beena’, at which point she shoved me off her lap and she started screaming at me,” she explains.

“Laura” says Beena continued screaming at her, which she says was normal until, “She has these big rings on her hand and she started back handing my left arm repeatedly.”

The result she says was scratches that scarred her arm for months, but Laura says that she has good reason to come forward with her story now, nearly a year since she says the assault happened.

“She’s about to hire an all brand new 15 people,” Laura explains.

FOX 4 repeatedly tried getting ahold of Beena Raja on Wednesday, but she didn’t return our calls, our email, or our Facebook message.

Jardine’s is supposed to reopen December 14th.