KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Someone incorrectly used the Excelsior Springs Police Department drug take back box, exposing a police investigator to mercury cyanide and arsenic, among other “very toxic” substances.

ESPD made the public aware on Wednesday morning that non-approved substances in “vintage glass bottles” were placed in the department’s drug take back box.

They are indefinitely closing the community’s box because of this incident.

On Friday Oct. 20, an ESPD investigators found the bottles broken while routinely emptying the box. The ESPD has come to the conclusion that someone “used the box to dispose of non-approved substances of a very toxic nature, namely mercury cyanide and arsenic.”

“The officer is doing well,” EPSD said in the statement. “We would like to thank ESFD (Excelsior Springs Fire Department) for their swift response and consummate professionalism.”

“We understand that the closing may pose an inconvenience and we apologize for this. The ESPD provides many services to the community, but also has a duty to ensure those services are rendered safely for all of those involved. As situations such as this arise, we must re-evaluate and adjust to safeguard both officers and citizens in the future.”

The nearest locations to Excelsior Springs with Drug Take Back Boxes are at the Lawson Police Department, Liberty Hospital, Kansas City Police Department and Children’s Mercy North Campus.