KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This time Thursday, we will know if Kansas City will host the World Cup games in 2026.

The excitement growing, many already declaring the Kansas City area a soccer town and capital of futbol in the United States. The implications are huge, the decision could put KC on the international stage.

Kansas City is no stranger to a party and never fails to deliver.

“Well this really puts us on that international stage we’re known for showing up, selling things out,” said Kathy Nelson, president and CEO of Kansas City Sports Commission.

Something as big as the World Cup has the power to take this heartland city to new heights.

“We’re competing against city’s like New York, San Francisco, LA, Miami and Kansas City is in that mix now,” said Katherine Holland, Director of KC 2026 FIFA World Cup Bid.

For more than five years city leaders, sports executives and more have worked tirelessly to bring the biggest sporting event, to our backyards.

“We are no longer fly over city and I think that’s true,” Nelson said.

The decision coming down between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, and fans just can’t get enough.

“The opportunity to gather with so many people to watch my favorite sport all together it’s simply amazing,” said one fan.

Another explain just how big of a move this could be for Kansas City.

“This is going to put Kansas City on the map it’s so exciting and this party down here is going to be insane,” said the fan.

When we are awarded a spot to host games Holland says we should take it all in.

“When we are awarded host city duties we should celebrate again acknowledge all the hard work that went into it,” Holland said.

Asked if they’re ready and if this city is ready, the answer was a no brainier.

“We wouldn’t be at this stage if we weren’t ready to host the world in our city,” Nelson said.

“The opportunity to real world cup matches here in Kansas City 10 minutes from home is really exciting,” said a fan.